Otto Stefan Video Portfolio

Shot and Edited: Chet Stefan, Eli Harris, Otto Stefan | Composition: Collin Moriarty

This Video was created to showcase the work of Otto Stefan. The music was composed to resemble a naturalistic sound, because like myself, Otto is inspired by the natural beauty of his home town, Bozeman, MT. 

 Funky Fresh Music Video

Shot and Edited by: Charles Bolte | Performed by: Paige and Tatum Johnson | Composed and written by: Collin Moriarty

This video was made as a viral marketing effort for a local clothing shop; Intruige Ink. The purpose of the video was to emphasize “Funky Fresh,” the clothing line’s tagline. The music was composed and written to this theme, it combined elements of old funk music with high energy elements of 90’s hip hop. The video was widely popular, in the first month, the video was viewed around 15,000 times.